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. but our expert says the feds may drop out sooner than later. plus why the president's about face on obama care could come back to haunt consumers in the long run, americans kicking the habit when it comes to credit cards, i am ali velshi and this is "real money." ♪ ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show. join our conversation not next half hour on twitter using ajrealmoney. janet yell edge. that's her over there. but first she needs to get approval from the senate. on thursday she started that process with a bit of grilling from senators over the feds' multi billion dollars bond-buying program that works to keep interest rates low. fed chairs have a long history of monetary speak. an obtuse language that most americans find hard to understand. i was ready interpret a lot of her speech for you. but she is clearer than most fed officials. listen. >> i believe it could be costly to withdraw a commen commendatir fail to provide adequate accommodation. on the other hand, it will be important for us also as the recovery proceeds to make sure that we do withd
obama himself to health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius has apologised for the website's problems and vowed to fix it. we are hearing conflicting reports about what went wrong with the roll out. cgi, the contractor developing the site may have warned the obama administration that it would not be ready tro go live on october 1st. we know the administration says it needs until the end of november to fix the technical glitches. that's two months after it launched. to comment the penalty for not enrolling under the new law is effectively waved for six weeks. the new deadline will be march 31st. if you are one of the estimated 15 million americans who buy your own insurance, you are not employed through an employer or insured through an employer, you have to sign up for coverage by the deadline or face a penalty. you can do that through your insurer or go to the government changes, assuming works one day. >> 8.5 million of 15 million could qualify for a subsidy. the affordable part of the affordable care act may be a misnomer for 6.5 millions that didn't quali
around for the affordable care wins. they had a problematic roll out. senior obama official said that things are lining up now and it should be running smoothly by the end of november. >>> cities across america are voting for mayors, and some states are voting for governors. for more we invite you to go to where you'll find stories on the key races. it updates the voting and later this evening results as they come in. those are the headlines at this hour. "real money with ali velshi" tonight with david shuster is up next on al jazeera america. >> the cost of your health insurance premiums may be less but had "t" has nothing to do with obam obamacare. and i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. this is "real money" " [♪ music ] >> this is real money, and you are the most important part of the show so join our live conversations for the next half hour and twitter at aj real money. it is november and every year at this time millions of americans enroll and renew their health coverage provided by their employers for the next year. and every year at this time they get
. there are real dollars on the table and it's a win-win for the employer and employee. >> we heard president obama say all healthcare costs are rising but they're rising at the slowest rate in 50 years. how much of this is really because of president obama, and how much because of the recession. people are spending less money on doctors visits. >> i think part of it is the recession. i also think there has been an impact on the cost of healthcare itself we're seeing come progression on the cost of hospital stays and doctors visits. there are multiple causes for this. i'm not sure its sustainable. we need to wait and see. >> in order for it to be long term sustainable what needs to happen in the overall healthcare market to bring these costs down? >> reporter: w we need behavior change on the part of everybody. they need to spend their healthcare dollars as if it was their dollars in their bank account. change. we need to take a look at over lieutenan utization utization. >> we contribute a certain amount to cover our employees healthcare costs, and now we need to try to save some money or anticipa
. president obama is apologizing for making a promise he couldn't keep. he said he is sorry to anyone who has lost their health insurance because of the affordable care act. during the push to get the law passed, president obama frequently said anyone who likes their plan would be able to keep it. >>> the fda plans to take trans-fat out of the american diet. trans-fat causes heart disease. heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country. >>> the senate approved a bill that bans employers from discriminating people based on sexual orientation. >>> the associated press is reporting that secretary of state john kerry could join think talks on iran's nuclear program. "real money" is ali velshi is coming up next. for news up todays from around the world, head to once again "real money with ali velshi" coming up in just a moment. ♪ >> the tail of two consumers while row tailers like michael coors are killing it but wal-mart isn't it. >>> and why the heck is twitter worth $25 billion if it has no profits. i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." ♪ is [ technical diffic
-backed bill that would allow people to keep their current medical insurance and also buy outside of the obama exchange. >>> running water has been restored in some parts of the philippine. a crucial step towards preventing the outbreak of disease. typhoon haiyan hit there one week ago. the death toll has surpassed 3600 people. those are the headlines. if you would like the latest on any of our stories. let me direct you to our website at >> obamacare backlash, the latest white house change now has the insurance company's exasperated. we'll explain what it phones for you. the small sits are making a big problem. kids who graduate from high school will get free college tuition. we'll take to you the birthplace of the popcorn machine. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is "real money" and you're the most important part of the show. join us on twitter. the troubles keep piling up for president obama and his signature healthcare law. the president is facing a backlash over his plan to extend insurance policies canceled because they don't imply
. the troubles keep piling up for president obama and his signature healthcare law. the president is facing a backlash over his plan to extend insurance policies canceled because they don't imply with the affordable care act. on friday executives gathered at the white house to say that his moves would create new problems for the industry and create higher premiums. insurance commissioners grade, and in case you didn't know it, the insurance plans are regulated by the states, not the federal government. but house republicans passed a bill that not only renews insurance plans canceled by obamacare but allows allows issuance besides obamacare law. >>> the bill will never see the light of day in the u.s. senate and become law. just in six weeks obamacare law has gone from problematic to chaotic. first confuse over policies up for cancellation. at the heart of the latest issue is why those canceled plans don't measure up to the requirements of obamacare. insurance companies are canceling policies because they don't comply with the new law. our resident expert in all things healthcare explains wh
is when the pros get nervous. janet yellen, barack obama's pick to lead the reserve when ben bern angie steps down, fielded questions. senator gave her a bit of a grilling over the fed's multibillion bond-buying program working to keep interest rates low. a chance of a history of monetary speak. language that most find hard to understand. janet yellen is clearer than most. >> i believe it could be costly to withdraw accommodation or to fail to provide adequate accommodation. on the other hand it will be important for us also, as the recovering proceeds, to make sure that we do withdraw accommodation when the time has come. >> in plain english, and janet yellen is saying, "yes, eventually we'll stop donating $85 billion to the economy. when we do, it could hurt." you better get comfortable with the idea. >> when explaining why the fed continues to put mun into the system, she got not be more clean. >> the objective of the policy is to benefit all americans, especially those who were sealing harm come to them and their families from high unemployment in a recovery that has taken a long ti
to talk to you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> president obama's fix for canceled health insurance plans puts insurance companies in a fix and now you, the consumer, could pay for it. plus kicking the habit. how americans may have finally recovered from their credit card addiction. that story and more as "real money" continues. keep it here. >> every morning from 5 to 9am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america. >> al jazeera america brings you live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage. >> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can he
wage hike to, and president obama came out in support of recent legislation sponsored by congressional democrats for a new federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour. now >> the original minimum wage as if you decided that for inflation, minimum wage today would be $10 an $10.77. in 19 states you can see them there, and washington, d.c. have higher rates starting in 2014 new jersey and new york will as well. minimum wage supporters are paying close attention to the small city of seatac south of seattle are a proposed $15 minimum wage for airport transportation and hospitality workers still hang in the balance. alan, good to see you. the count is going to be in. we think as early as 15 minutes from now. what's the latest? >> well, we're going to get an additional count in 15 minutes from now. but remember that washington state is a mail-in election state, so the ballots are still coming in. we have no solid figure for how many ballots need to be counted before this thing is decided. we do know that it's a very tight race. we know it's a razor-thin margin right now, we also know that this th
this month. and president obama came out in support of recent legislation sponsored by congressional democrats for a new federal minimum of $10.10 an hour. now the current minimum wage stands at $7.25, that comes out to an annual salary for $15,000 for full time work. that's 4,000 above the poverty line for an individual but well below that for a family. raising that rate to president obama's proposed rate would effect 30 million workers nationwide. 19 states and washington, d.c. have higher rates and starting in 2014 new york and new jersey will as well. one argument in its favor is that it will drive the income scale and in turn should boost spending. that would be good for businesses all around. but our next guest says it will crush small business. bill, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> reporter: ali, good to see. >> you how do we square this circle. it's a cuf tough one. you represent businesses that are creator of jobs in this country. and you're saying a higher minimum wage could hurt those businesses, but we know it hurts people to be earning $7.25 an hour. how
the conversation online @ajamstream. >> president obama's pick to lead the federal reserve, janet yellen, say its falling far short of its potential. it's designed to preempt lawmakers set to grill her over the monthly bond buying program. the fed's purposes have kept interest rates down. many expected the fed to pull back on its buying spree this fall, but a dimmer outlook thanks to stuff going on in washington, was cited as good enough reason not to do so now. the pull back will fall to the next fed chair who takes office in january. if confirmed yellen will be the first woman to head the fed. >> corporate america often turns to business consultants for guidance and intelligence to boost their bottom line. ihness s is one such consultan consultants. it counsels 400 companies that are on the fortune 500. he has a long career in global economic forecasting. he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> let me can you this, we're in this moment where if you are invested in homes, if you're invested in the stock market, if you have access to capital, you can borrow money cheaply. there hasn't be
discussing the pakistani government's offer of talks. >>> president obama said he and iraqi prime minister nouri nouri al-maliki discusse discuss havew they can fight the rising iraqi violence. >>> secretary of state john kerry has talked more about transparency and those are your storiestopstories. "real money with ali velshi" is next. >> let the discounting begin. retailers are desperate to fatten up sales because holiday sales are looking way too lean. why one expert said the consumer landscape is the land of mediocrity. i'm ali velshi, and this is real mone"real money." er >> this is real money. you are the most important part of the show. join us on twitter @aj real money. holiday discounts are here and we're barely into november. even though we have two months to go to buy gifts for christmas, retailers are not starting early just to annoy us. they're genuinely require worrit the holiday purchases. usually big retailers like walmart, target, and toys "r" us are offering holiday deals closer to thanksgiving. but not this year. they started rolling out deals on friday. there are a bunc
start cooking to w gas we need more than 200,000, and both mitt romney and barack obama campaigned they would oversea the create of a quarter million net new jobs a month. bottom line, folks spend money more reliably when they believe they are going to stay employed, get a job, and earn more money next year than they are this year tomorrow we'll talk about the jobs report and what it means for your economic future. i'm ali velshi. thanks for joining us. ♪ >>> welcome to al jazerra america, i am stephanie sy in new york here are the top stories at this hour. 12 million people are in the path of what meteorologists are calling the most powerful typhoon on the planet in decades, it's hitting the central philippines right now with heavy rain and winds up to 200 miles an hour. it's whipping up waves 12 to 15 feet high. there are initial reports of at least three people killed and vast devastation, humanitarian organizes 1 million people have been evacuated. signs of building momentum in negotiations over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kersey headed to gentlema geneva
him a global terrorist. america pays tribute to his veterans. president obama lays a wreath at the arlington national cemetery in remembrance of those who served the country. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera america. ♪ >>> fill her up, gas prices head towards $3 a gallon. plus give ing veterans the weapon they need to succeed in the gi bill. and the efforts to help immigrants stay and succeed in america. i am ali velshi, this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most takt part of the show, so join our live conversation for the next half hour on twitter. the national average for gasoline is now 40ing cents lower than september 1st. six states are already seeing their gas prices below 3 bucks. notice they are all in the middle of the country, too. the ones in orange have seen gas prices drop to within a dime of the $3 a gallon mark. gas prices are coming down because the price of oil is falling. on monday oil futures settled at $95.14 a barrel. that is now nearly $16 since the peak. now if you have ever wondered how the price for this,
suggests that the obama administration knew about problems with the roll out of as far back as march. officials admit that health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was given red flags, briefed on the problems and said the roll out would happen as scheduled. sebelius was in florida to try and promote obamacare. jp morgan chase announced the $13 billion settlement over the bank's role in the housing crisis. >>> albuquerque residents are at the polls voting on late term abortion if it passes. >>> talks over iran's nuclear program resume. some lawmakers are pushing for tougher sanctions against iran. >>> 23 people were killed in suicide attacks outside of the iranian embassy in beirut. al-qaeda said it was behind the blast. those are your headlines. "real money with ali velshi" is next. and updates at the top of the next hour. >> jp morgan chase paying a hefty price for its part in the financial collapse. we'll tell you how the $13 billion deal could help some home others. >>> also middle class workers getting squeezed by rising prices. >>> and beyond twitter, the s
that perform late-term abortions. >> president obama is under pressure over the healthcare
that graham is in good health and they expect him home in just a few days. president obama pays tribute to president john f. kennedy. he laid a wreath at his grave side after honoring more than a dozen of americans with the medal of freedom. friday marks 50 years that kennedy was assassinated. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera america. >> call it the credit generation gap. young adults struggling with low credit scores and late payments while boomers have their act together. i'll give you the reason. also small banks making a big role in a community. we'll tell but one community bank in harlem. i'm ali velshi, this is "real money." ♪ >> this is "real money," and you are the most important part of the show. join us live reason twitter @aj real money. the national average consumer credit score hovers at 691, like the fico score, the credit score that you're used to, that banks judge your credit worthiness, experian uses a similar credit system. not all generations are created equal. millennials, young adults, age 19 to 29, they have got an annual credit score of 628. th
. an important first step, that's what president obama is calling the deal to limit iran's nuclear capabilities. the agreement was reached late last night in geneva. >> afghan president hamid karzai will not sign the security plan approved by the council of elders until after the elections next year. the deal will keep american soldiers in afghanistan after 2015. >> honduras go to the polls today. among the candidate the wife of the man deposed in 1999. there was
acted alone and may never know why. >> the president obama is trying to get support for iran. he said talking tough is the easy thing to do but not the right thing for america security. >> some law makers are opposed to the agreement. for the first time they are going to sit down and talk peace. they are scheduled to meet in geneva i in january. >> the united states and japan will not recognize china's new air defense zone. beijing kle declared the zone ts past week. >> those are the hea headlines f you would like any of the latest stories head over to the website at "real money" with ali veshi. >> drilling down on oil and the nuclear deal with iran. what is good for you at the gas pump could be bad for america's energy boom. >> and why you may have to start paying to keep your own money in the bank. and how much is too much and what do executives get paid. the pros and beacon cons of sals for ceo. 's. i'm ali veshi and this is "real money". >> this is "real money" you are the most important part of the show. join your live conversation on twitter using the handle@aj re
involving president obama's healthcare law. owners who oppose birth control on religious grounds. >>> and president karzai's are prompting threats from the u.s. to withdraw all of its forces after 2014. >>> the rescue operation is underway off the bahamas. these dramatic images from the u.s. coast guard show 100 people clinging to the hull of a capsized boat. the overloaded sail boat was carrying haitian migrants. it's feared as many as 30 people have drowned. 110 people have been rescued. those are the headlines at this hour. i'm tony harris. "real money with ali velshi." >> well, the housing market come back is alive an well. people are building, prices are risingish i'll talk to an expert what happens when mortgage rates start rising as well. big box retailers stepping in when banks won't to help americans renovate their homes. and banks and homeowners should have seen this one coming. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >> this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show. join our live conversation using the handle aj real money on twitter. home prices
.m. friday until 8:00 a.m. saturday eastern time. the obama administration had promised it would have the glitches fixed by november 30th. >>> more a thousand protesters urging everybody to join the campaign to topple the prime minister. it propsed to break the gates at >>> presidenissuing a full pard1 women sentenced to something years in prison, but that process could take months. >>> one group is using black friday as an opportunity to protest against the nation's largest retailer. nearly a dozen people were arrested including two walmart employees during this protest in chicago. hundreds of similar protests took place across the country. we're pushing for better wages and working conditions. those are the headlines. "america tonight" is up next and you can always find us on al >> forget about the mall, what about shopping for tech shops. and go digital or go home. it's down to the wire for small theater owners who are still relying on old film projectors. i'll take to you the movies in maine. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >> this is "real money." you are t
and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. in a few short hours the obama administration is expected to announce it has met its deadline to repair the guide was to allow 50,000 users to use the site at once. a spokesperson says the website needs more work. >> north korea confirms it's holding 85-year-old veteran merrill newman. they claim they violated north korea's dignity. he reportedly
republicans continually blocked president obama's executive and judicial nominations. it will now take a simple majority vote to approve most appointments. after more than a decade in prison, kennedy cousin is free tonight, he was released from prison after the hours ago on 1.2 parkland memorial hospital dollars bail. he was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. after being convicted of killing martha moxley in 1975, last month a judge ruled his attorney failed to represent him properly. those are the headlines "real money" with ali velshi is next. >> big retailers and battle over your walt et. i will show you hour their pain could be your gain. the woman soon to be at the center of an $85 billion a month debate in washington. i will tell you what it means for you, plus, the incubator on a college campuses that is latches little businesses. this is "real money." this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show, so join our live conversation, for the next half our on twitter at a.j. "real money." i reads them all. america, you have done it. your reluctance to part wi
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)